Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SIGGRAPH Callout '09

Are you an aspiring graphic artist? An animator full of great ideas and stories to tell? Were your parents murdered in front of you and now you spend your nights dressed up like a bat fighting crime? Have you realized that life is just an illusion created by the Machine Overlords? If you said yes to any of these questions, then rejoice! SIGGRAPH has returned for another great year! Thursday September 10th (Campus Center Room CE 148) at 6:00PM the SIGGRAPH Student Chapter of IUPUI will be having a Callout that will highlight future events and let you know how to get involved in the organization.

Upcoming Events Include:


Our annual Halloween party/design competition. Coming Thursday October 29th. Contests this year:

SIGGRAPH IUPUI Logo and T-Shirts: Design promotional material for our organization so we don't have to. The theme for this year's design is "The People Behind the Pixels". The meaning is, as always, open to interpretation so get outside that box! The logo should be a simple design that can be easily shrunk down to smaller sizes. The T-shirt is more of an illustration that should contain no more than two colors and leave room to incorporate future logos and organization info.

Also be sure to show off your darker side in our Halloween themed art contests. We will be accepting spooky 2D illustrations, photo-manipulations, and 3D stills as well as scary animations, motion graphics, and videos. And don't forget to wear a costume for our annual costume competition!

You can enter up to 3 submissions for each category (there are 4 if you lost count) and wear only one costume (duh). Submit your work to with your name in the file name before the 28th. Please remember that submissions must remain anonymous during the presentation so no signatures on artwork or credits on animations. As always fame and fortune await the winners so lah-dee-dah...

I am also obligated to inform you that we will be holding another SIGGRAPH Student Exhibition Splash Animation Competition (whew) this December 3rd. Think of it as a commercial: a short 2D or 3D animation that advertises the next Exhibition. We're telling you this now so you can get a head start and give us something we can be proud of. This competition will also use anonymous submissions so refrain from adding credits until after the winner has been picked. Expect more info on this event in the future.

Disclaimer: the Logo, T-shirt, and Splash Animation selected as the winners are going to be used on advertisements and promotional material all year long. The artists will recieve credit where credit is due, but remember that we'll need to use these materials at our own discretion.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to be a whiny little -bad word- then you can contact me at and maybe I can help. Just remember: I'm a dashing special agent with a Ph.D in Kicking Your A** so watch yourself!

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