Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pixar Snubbed at the Annies

In some sad news, Pixar was completely snubbed at the Annie Awards last night in favor of Kung Fu Panda. The Best Reviewed Movie of the year was snubbed last night, the movie which won every major Best Animated Film (if not Best Picture) nomination was snubbed last night.

Who knows, maybe since Pixar had won so consistently since Nemo, the ASIFA members just felt they should snub a film which many call the best animated feature of the decade, or ever… Or maybe, DreamWorks (a gold sponsor for the awards) got lots of people to cash in the minimal $75 dollar fee to pay their way to win…

Well, there’s always the (way more important) Oscars coming up…

Congratulations to all of the winners though, because it’s not like they didn’t deserve any awards either

But to end on a good note, John Lasseter was awarded the Winsor McCay Award last night, so Pixar didn’t go completely empty handed.

WALL•E, Andrew and co., you’re all winners in our eyes!

Thanks to to Upcoming Pixar for the post.


  1. thats an interesting subject to dwell upon...i really dont think "snubbed" is the right word...because clearly KFP was the movie with more appeal...if i can put that way.

    Wall-E was definitely a brilliant film in all aspect and infact the word on the street was that it may end up getting a "Best Feature" nominations also...but thats a subject for another discussion.

    but yes i am a bit surprised that PIXAR didnt win any award at all....excluding the one given to John Lasseter.

    clearly there is much to see beyond than what is seen visibly as to how the winners are picked and so on.

    on the other hand may be KFP was a better film indeed...its just that we are so used to PIXAR being the best, its sort of tough to digest that there can be something better than them ? i dont know...just having different ideas in my mind.

    what do u feel !

  2. Nice post Ani. You bring up some really good points.

    Now, I believe that Pixar got robbed, not just because Pixar always win, but because Wall-E was ground breaking for animation, in my eyes. Its story and way to depict characters emotions for half the movie with no dialogue is great. Plus, he's a freakin' robot with binoculars as eyes! We still detect every though he has.

    I love Kung Fu Panda. It was great! And I am very proud of Dreamworks for stepping up their game. I think hat's awesome because it will hopefully force Pixar to go to new heights to hold the status of being number one in animated features.

    Just my two cents.

  3. true Josh !

    but don't worry, Oscars are just around the corner !

    also don't forget UP and Toy Story 3. :D

    good times awaits for Pixar loyals !