Friday, January 9, 2009

Top 10 Ways You Know You Live With An Animator

  1. The Illusion of Life” is on your bookshelf. There is a yellow glow around it and you hear angels sing every time it’s opened.
  2. A trip to the toy store isn’t for the kids.
  3. When you hear the word arc, you know it has nothing to do with Noah.
  4. They strongly believe (and you must agree) Wall-E should be nominated and win an Oscar for Best Film. In fact, the academy shouldn’t even waste there time nominating any other films, why bother?
  5. When She Loved Me” by Sarah Mclachlan makes them cry.
  6. Lasseter, Stanton and Bird have become the guy friends who won’t leave.
  7. You have some sort of Star Wars paraphernalia in your house.
  8. There is often a video camera set up in your bedroom, but it isn’t for kinky reasons.
  9. They have convinced you that the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow is a myth. It’s actually Pixar.
  10. All the love and passion they express for their craft, is nothing compared to all the love and passion they express for you.
Link discovered by Anirudh Bhalotia and produced by Jacquie Gouveia!

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