Thursday, February 12, 2009

Expose Yourself in Public!

As representative of SIGGRAPH for the Student Government I stumbled across a position in the USG's communication committee. I'm currently turning out posters and advertisements for all USG events and a handful of student organizations. It may not pay well (or at all for that matter) but the fact of the matter is my work is going to be shown all over campus and possibly around Indianapolis if I'm lucky. I figured if any other toodee graphic designers wanted some free exposure this would be an easy way to do it. I mean, I've already received five requests in one weekend and the work isn't that bad. Check it out:

So you see, nothing too intense. You have complete freedom over art direction, all you need to do is provide all information for the event. Drop me a line ( if you want some work and if there's anything available I'll send it your way.

Disclaimer: Do not make this your magnus opus! Finish the poster and send a digital copy to me within no more than two or three days, I get these at very short notice.

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