Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Important Student Exhbition Information


Listen up! I want you to do something for me, right now. Get up from your computer and find the nearest mirror, stand in front of it, and take a look at yourself. Take a good long look and ask yourself, "Do I have what it takes to be in the Student Exhibition? Am I prepared? Do I want to start my career this year?"

Chances are, you answered the questions as many at our level would. You need to start thinking about what it takes to land that internship or job you've been dreaming of because not long from now, you will have that opportunity!

Us officers wanted to take this time to remind you of the process you should be aware of in order to hold you position in the Student Exhibition. You must be a paid member of. You must be registered for the event via the SIGGRAPH IUPUI website. You must submit your portfolios in prior to the event (deadline still tentative, but it will be around the end of March). From submitting your portfolio, it will go through a screening consisted of IUPUI Computer Graphics and New Media professors. You must pass that screening in order to have a booth at the Student Exhibition.

Now, if you don't pass the screening, that doesn't mean you cannot show up to the event. We will be needing many volunteers to help organize and pull off the event, run the tables, and answer any questions employers may have. That will also mean that you can mingle with the employers, even being a volunteer!

Yes, that was a long message, but now you must take this time to really focus and get your work ready. This event is going to happen and you need to be prepared! There will be one additional portfolio review on March 26 consisting of industry professionals. It sounds like the screening process will take place right after that, so plan on the deadline being less than a week after that date.

Have a great weekend everyone and, if you have any questions, feel free to direct them to myself or any other officer.

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